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Week 30

I'm late again writing up these weeknotes, I'll explain next week.
(That's just how these weeknotes work.)

Lucy and LL went away camping, KK stayed at home with me for a couple more days - her self-isolation finished on the Sunday, so she wanted Monday to catch up with her mates before heading off to camp on the Tuesday. Teenagers are funny creatures, I foolishly thought any usual angst would settle with just two of us in the house, but the typical "urgh, I'm not eating that! I'm not hungry anyway" quickly came back, guess I'm having lasagna for the rest of the week then.

I found a podcast to help me understand The Wonder of The Teenagers Brain. Quite insightful, many lessons to be learnt.

I totally forgot to mention last week that I took part in the latest Umbraco Community Office Hours webinar, it was to highlight some of the winners in the recent Umbraco Package Awards. The recording is available to watch on YouTube, you can catch my demo of Contentment about 30 minutes in.

Being home alone, there wasn't much to do in the evenings. I ended up watching all sorts of movies, some random, some that'd been on my watchlists for ages... The Tomorrow War, Jolt, Fear Street: Part One: 1994, Two: 1978 and Three: 1666, The Final Girls, His House, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Ma, Eighth Grade, and Moxie. A few?! Jeepers, that's a lot of movies!

But, I'm not one to completely sit and zonk out, I tried multi-tasking. Did a jigsaw whilst watching the movies.

I Love Paris. 1000 piece jigsaw.
I Love Paris. 1000 piece jigsaw. Took about 6 hours, over 2 evenings, while watching movies.

Alphabet Albums, can I have a "P" please Bob? The Postal Service - Give Up, Purity Ring - Shrines and Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing.

Friday was my birthday. 43 years old, all alone, woe is me. 😜
Wait a minute? What's that noise? I hear something from the side of the house. Surprise! Lucy and the girls returned from camp for a birthday surprise visit. 🎉

In the evening, I had planned for a small get together in our field with a few friends and neighbours. I put the feelers out, but most friends were either busy or away on holiday - it was looking like it'd just be me and Sam (next door neighbour) - and with Lucy and kids being back I was 50/50 on cancelling that, to have a family night in, but Lucy insisted I go down the field. The weather was looking indecisive, would it rain or not? Sam, suggested putting up a shelter tent just in case - okay, sure - I went down to help get set up. But I kept being called back to the house by the kids, with very random requests, ("Dad, can you help me find my crocs?" - find some other shoes!) 🤷‍♂️.
By the time I got back down to the field...


All those mates who were busy or away, were there - tricksy devils! 😆 I hadn't had a surprise party before, I honestly had no idea how to react. I'm amazed that I had no idea, it was a lovely surprise and a great evening. A mini-FortyFest, a 43Fest so to speak.

Saturday and Sunday were a write-off. Lucy and the girls headed back to camp for the 2nd week.