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Week 27

Being from Liverpool, some folk have an assumption that I must be a huge football fan. I'm not. My passions were always more the musical side of Liverpool. I'd rather spend 90 minutes (+ stoppage time) listening to an album or playing guitar. That said, this past week has been interesting, as KK has caught by England's Euro 2020 football fever, so I've been watching the matches with her. Parental bonding over anything else.

I had some vested interest in Wednesday's England v Denmark match - the friendly rivalry of my Danish Umbraco friends.

Speaking of Umbraco, Thursday was the day I'd been looking forward to, the release candidate of Umbraco 9. I managed to get alpha version of my plugin (Contentment 3) released on the same day. I hit a couple of hiccups with the distribution, that I quickly resolved, still enough to add a few more grey hairs to my head, (like I didn't have enough already).

A quick mention and thank you to my newest GitHub Sponsors, I very much appreciate it.

Forgot to mention Alphabet Albums last week (again), we're up to "N"... New Order - Music Complete, Jim Noir - Tower of Love and Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York.

Flicking through the recent additions on Amazon Prime, noticed Seven had been added, it'd been years since I'd seen it, well worth a re-watch. Some parts feel a bit dated, although the killer's reveal does make it a little more menacing. Overall it still pack its punches, and the ending, oh man!

Saturday family movie night didn't happen, Lucy and the kids were off doing various thing. We would have done it Sunday evening, but ya know... football!

Sunday, LL had her first cricket match, the Claverham girls under 11s played Portishead, Taunton and Wells. The weather was terrible, heavy rain, poor kids were soaked. Still LL said she enjoyed it.