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Week 26

KK spent last week self-isolating, all her COVID testing had negative results, hopefully she'll be back at school on Tuesday. Although summer break is only 3 weeks away now.

Lucy went away with her friend, Nell, camping for a couple of days - they claimed it was a reccy for a potential OWC camp site - sounded more like a jolly to me! Anyway, I was left holding the fort - all fine, juggling kids/work/house - luckily KK hadn't got any cabin fever at that point.

Over the past couple of months I've been watching Too Old to Die Young on Amazon Prime. It came out in 2019, I hadn't heard anything about it until I saw an article about Ed Brubaker, (who I've enjoyed many of his crime fiction comics), and that he'd written this TV series, thought I'd give it a go. A word of warning, it is too long, too slow and very violent. That said the acting, visuals and cinematography are beautiful. Each episode was about an hour and a half, far too long to binge-watch - if it was a 3 hour movie, it'd be quite epic. No wonder Amazon buried it, they had no idea what to do with it. I mean, who would sit through a total of 14 hours runtime? Umm, yeah, don't answer that one! 🙄

Tuesday, the Package Manifest podcast (with Matt and Kevin) that I did came out. I witter on about sustainability of Umbraco package development - go give it a listen.

Wednesday, LL had an unauthorised day off school to go watch the Women's 2nd ODI cricket, England vs India at Taunton. She's recently joined the under-11s team and all the girls got free tickets for the day. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

During our various UK lockdowns, the last thing that I wanted to watch was "content that had been created during lockdown, that was about lockdown". I've stayed away from things like Staged, (regardless of enjoying Sheen and Tennant - I liked Good Omens). Anyway, Netflix keeps recommending Bo Burnham: Inside to me, nah, no thanks. Then a couple of friends told me that it was actually quite good - so I watched it. I had no knowledge of Bo Burnham, so wasn't sure what type of humour it'd be. The interesting part of the film is the idea of constraints and pushing the creatively beyond the boundaries that have been set upon you. The music, the wit, the lighting effects, the comedy, the truth. All without a direct reference on COVID-19 pandemic - it went without saying. The ending was brilliant, Bo goes outside the room and gets locked out, then desperately tries to get back inside. I can relate.

According to Marc, it seems that I'm a recognisable celebrity!

Friday night, went to the pub with the band for a meeting - we may have a second guitarist soon. Saturday, why do hangovers feel like they are getting worse with age?

I nursed my hangover watching The Ice Road on Amazon Prime. It was exactly as I thought it'd be, Liam Neeson, action packed, nothing serious - fine for a self-pitying hungover sofa watch.

Saturday family movie night was LL's choice... Onward on Disney+. This was another one of those animated movies that I wasn't immediately interested in. Saw the trailer, Chris Pratt's "theatrical" voice (or was it a Jack Black impression?) put me off a bit. Anyway LL insisted, so that was that. The first half is a bit meh, second half had a much better pace. Predictable, good fun and sentimental towards the end. Curse those itchy eyes! 🥺

Sunday, after too much screen time, we all got busy around the house. LL did a load of baking. I helped KK to sand down and paint her bedroom door. I know fathers are meant to know what they're doing with DIY, I was making it up as I went along, I don't think KK noticed. 😆