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Week 24

Caught up watching Time on BBC iPlayer. I'd seen it advertised over the past couple of weeks, looked good, but I thought the subject matter would be too heavy, so didn't watch it on BBC 1. After seeing a few reviews, decided to give it a go. It's an excellent drama, not the easiest to stomach, but the writing and acting - especially Sean Bean and Stephen Graham - are top notch.

KK and I are back in MCU land... started watching Loki on Disney+. Seen the first two episodes so far. Already had plenty of discussions about time travel in fiction, I'm sure some of this conflicts with the "rules" from Avengers Endgame, but who cares? It's a comic book TV show, you suspend all logic when you press the play button.

I finally rearranged my home office. A bit of a post-"spring-clean" and moved my desk so I now look out the window. As they say, 'A change is as good as a rest'.

Matt and Kevin invited me on the next episode of their Package Manifest podcast. We recorded the episode on Thursday, it should be out in a couple of weeks. Always great fun to catch up with these guys.

Alphabet Albums again, (already!?), next up is "M"... My Life Story - The Golden Mile, Muse - Origin of Symmetry and Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate.

I released v2.0 of my Umbraco package, Contentment. I'd been working on it in the background for the past few months, great to get it released.

Saturday family movie night was KK's choice... Spider-Man: Far From Home. I say KK's choice, okay, heavy influenced by me. I'd missed this at the cinema (I can't remember the reason why), and hadn't got around to renting it, so had been waiting for it to hit Netflix. The plot twists weren't a big surprise as I already knew who Mysterio was in the comic books. The story was alright, formulaic. There was a moment when I thought I didn't really care for the big action sequences and would have rather watched a full-length high-school rom-com about these teenagers on a European trip. I still enjoy these movies as the characters are fun. KK made a cracking gag when Peter Parker got locked up in a police cell in The Netherlands... "Look, it's Tom Holland in Holland!" 🤣

The weekend was gardening and more gardening. Clearing brambles, making space for our new grass composting box. Lots of bending down, I'm getting old, my knees are shot.

Father's Day. The kids (and Lucy) wanted to spoil me. We went for brunch at The Pear Orchard (in Kingston Seymour), weather was a bit rubbish and drizly, but we must definitely go back on a warm sunny day, it'd be awesome. Later we went tenpin bowling. I can't remember the last time we went bowling, must have been at least 2 years. I did alright - well, given my dodgy knees, haha!

Afterwards we went home and surprised the kids with a new (old) game... LEGO Harry Potter (Years 5-7) on the Wii. (Yeah, yeah, I still have a Wii.) They love the LEGO games.