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Week 21

Another week has flown by, where it feels that not much as happened. Mostly focusing on a client delivery, which has all gone pretty well, happy client.

Well, after a few weeks of no dental issues, one of my older crowns came loose. Spoke to the dentist about it as this crown was put in over 10 years ago - wow, starting to feel old - and that over that time my jawline may have changed slightly, meaning that if I had the crown put back in, it'd only come loose again within the year. So it's new crown time! I'm back next week for an impression. Afterwards, I went home and told my kids of the perils of drinking too much cola during my teenage years.

The weather has been much better this past week, lovely and sunny. Went for a nice long walk in the woods at Brockley Coombe, (up near Bristol Airport).

Bank Holiday weekend (again), coinciding with school half term... throws my routine in the air. Spent most of Saturday out in the garden, mostly clearing brambles, preparing for sunnier weather. Had a campfire out in the field with neighbours, stayed up way too late - paid for it on Sunday though, hangovers, urgh.

We delayed our usual Saturday family movie night to Sunday, it was Lucy's choice... Black Beauty (the 2020 Disney remake). It was alright, probably more enjoyable for horsey people. Lucy and the girls enjoyed it. It wasn't really my cup of tea, there were a couple of good scenes and I liked Iain Glen's performance - felt that he was channelling Clint Eastwood. If only they'd remade this film 40 years ago - oh wait, they did, several times!