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Week 20

Where did the last week go? Most of my focus has been on a new phase of work for a client project, it's been full on, probably why it feels like the days have flown by.

I haven't spent much time on Umbraco community/package related activities this past week. My free time has mostly been bass guitar practising. Gearing closer to recording our album.

Friday night, I went to the pub for the first time since they re-opened. Met up with the band, planning out upcoming practices, recordings and gigs. Nice to go back to a pub, but hangovers are less nice, urgh.

Alphabet Albums time, next up is "K"... Kasabian - Kasabian, The Kinks - Something Else, and Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express.

Saturday family movie night didn't happen this week. Lucy had bought a ticket for the virtual Glastonbury live-stream - yup, she got caught up in the frustrating "invalid code" muck up. I ended up watching Eurovision anyway, love the chaos of the scoring system at the end.

I watched Army of the Dead on Netflix... there was some hype around it leading up to its release, and I generally like post-apocalyptic movies. It was alright, zombie heist genre mash-up, it has its moments. It tried to add a spin on the typical zombie hoards by having "alpha" zombies, which was different. The characters were likeable enough, but overall, quite predictable and a long runtime (2.5 hours), could have probably been cut by an hour.