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Week 19

Continued my migration work on Contentment v3 (for Umbraco v9/.NET Core). It's progressing nicely, albeit I'm finding the incremental rebuilds quite slow at the moment, still working to resolve that. (Probably to do with my frontend bundling/minification scripts.) I had a good chat with Andy Butland about our approaches on tackling this. My latest updates are up on my GitHub repo. I'm edging closer to an alpha release soon.

TV viewing, Monday marked the return of Inside No. 9 (for it's sixth series on BBC2). I love this show, and very much enjoyed the first episode of this new series, very meta, very funny. Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

I bought a new bass, (yep, another one, that's now 4 basses and 3 guitars, eek!) I'd been thinking about getting a new practice bass for a while. Last year I bought an expensive Fender Precision Bass, (that I love), but found that I'm being overly precious with it - always putting it back in boxcase between practices, just that tiny bit more effort to get it out and put away. I end up practising on my acoustic bass, which I leave out on a stand, easily accessible. But I'd be recording our album on my P-Bass, that I should be practising on that, so decided to get a cheaper P-Bass that I would be less precision of. I went for a Squier Affinity Precision PJ Bass. Paid for it with money from my GitHub sponsorships - huge thank you to all who sponsor me! ❤🙏🌟

Wednesday, I hadn't left the house in a couple of days, Lucy dragged me out for a long walk in the morning. She has a knack with these walks, of wiping me out for the rest of the day. When I got home, a parcel had arrived - wasn't the new bass, that was later in the day - but a copy of a book called Out of Home. It's an insightful look at how the homeless viewed London during the COVID-19 lockdown. I find it sad to think back that we were all told to "stay at home", but what if you didn't have a home?

At the weekend, the weather forecast suggested rain, lots of rain. I planned indoor jobs, mostly to re-arrange my office, I'm desperate for a change in there, too gloomy. But the weather turned out to be sunny (so far), I ended up out in the garden all day, doing random "gardening" stuff, well mostly moving logs around and collecting firewood. Manual labour isn't my thing, once again I was wiped out for the rest of the day. (Unfit and/or getting old, bah!) 😆

Saturday family movie night was my choice... Adventures in Babysitting. I had fond memories of this movie as a kid - probably because I secretly wanted Elisabeth Shue to be my babysitter. Thought it'd be a hoot to re-watch it with the kids. On my initial suggestion, the kids eyes rolled, but I insisted... and they really enjoyed it. Plenty of laughs, tuts, and edge of the seat moments.

KK does rugby training on Sundays. When it's my turn to drive her there, I've been taking my laptop to write up these weeknotes - gives me a solid hour, sat in the car, to focus on writing without distraction.

Did a jigsaw, 500 pieces one. Another one of these kid-friendly extra large size pieces. Started it this morning, before writing up these notes, then LL helped me finish it off in the afternoon. It's the first time she'd shown an interest in helping out, a lovely bit of family collaboration time.

Making Hay. 500 XXL piece jigsaw.
Making Hay. 500 XXL piece jigsaw. Took about 3 hours, with LL.