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Week 18

The past week, I spent a significant amount of time on the migrating of my Contentment package over to Umbraco v9 (e.g. .NET Core version). Hit various snags, found workarounds, I'm still journaling my progress, if you wanted to follow along at home.

It'd been several weeks since I'd last done a larger jigsaw, so decided to tackle this one that my Dad recently gave us.

Secret Temple. 1,000 piece jigsaw.
Secret Temple. 1,000 piece jigsaw. Took about 7 hours with Lucy.

I'd started it Tuesday evening for a couple of hours, sorted the edges. The rest was done during Wednesday, an hour or so in the morning, again at lunch, then a few hours in the evening. That's the trouble with these jigsaws, once we've got going on them, can't seem to stop until it's done.

A couple of my good Umbraco friends, Matt and Kevin, have started a podcast! Package Manifest - which is all about Umbraco package development and the people that create them. Matt did ask me to be one of the co-hosts, but I politely declined - I'm making an effort not to over-commit myself these days. I'm sure I'll be on as a guest at some point.

Mentioning commitments, prior to the first UK COVID-19 lockdown, my band had started recording our first album - we actually recorded the drums on the weekend before the lockdown happened. I was due to record the bass shortly after. We did try to do it all remotely, but it got a bit stressful - mostly due to technical frustrations, unfamiliar with the software, juggling work + kids + general lockdown woes. I mean, we did manage to get a couple of songs together - they're up on YouTube - but for the whole album we wanted to aim for higher quality, so the album got put on-hold.

That is, until after the 17th May - when the next lockdown easing happens and we can meet up indoors! So I've been frantically practising (and re-learning) all the songs. Feels a bit like a fitness regime, maybe I need a montage?!

Alphabet Albums came round fast (again), we're up to "J"... Michael Jackson - Bad, Jethro Tull - Stand Up, and Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams.

Saturday family movie night was KK's choice... Ratatouille. KK claims to have never had seen it - I'm sure we had. It's a great movie, kids loved it, but I fell asleep halfway through.

Sunday, at a bit of a loose end, thought I'd start off another jigsaw - do the edges and leave it for a bit. That didn't go to plan - 5 hours later...

Pop Art Puzzle. 1,000 piece jigsaw.
Pop Art Puzzle. 1,000 piece jigsaw. Took about 5 hours.

Enjoyed that one, fun puzzle!