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Week 17

Last week I was late writing up my weeknote, same again this week! I can't blame the COVID-19 vaccine side-effects again! 😆

It did take me a few days to feel fully normal again after the jab, I'm not sure whether it's a known side-effect or more disrupted sleep, I was very irritable - literally anything and everything would annoy me, quite the mardy bum! Seemed to clear up by Thursday.

I'd been busy again with my Contentment package, did another patch release - v1.4.2, few bug fixes (and hidden features). 🤫

Umbraco v9 (beta) was released. This is the re-platforming to .NET 5 version, with initiatives to encourage established package developers to migrate their code over to the upcoming version. Historically, I have bad form in conforming to this - I've been known 'to let the chips fall where they may' - deal with the consequences later. After all, I give my time and energy for free, there should be no expectation of me.

But! I've had a change of heart. Maybe because Umbraco HQ are more forthcoming for this major version release, I felt more compelled. Let's do it! I've been keeping a log of my developer journey - actually, that's where I've probably spent most of my "writing energy" these past days, no wonder I'm late on this weeknote! Go read it, it's a lot of words, and links, and code.

KK and I finished watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - exciting finale, and a new Captain America, nice!

I haven't been completely sat in-front of a screen the past week. Over the bank holiday weekend, spent a lot of time outside, couple of walks, helping out my neighbours, being "Dad taxi driver" (oh heck, that's a thing now isn't it?!). Had a few beers around the campfire on Saturday night, I'm not liking hangovers again, urgh.

We postponed our usual Saturday family movie night, as we were out in the field - camping, (well not me, I was socialising with neighbours at said campfire). So we got around to family movie night on Bank Holiday Monday evening, it was Lucy's choice - I say "choice", the kids pressurised her to pick... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Yes!!! It is done! The Horcruxes have been destroyed, Voldemort vanquished and in future we can pick some non-franchise movies!

I did watch Stowaway on Netflix. Yet another one of these movies that popped up out of nowhere, decent trailer, solid cast, potentially predictable but good - gave it a go, it was good - but feels like another one of those fleeting Netflix titles, it'll disappear in a week or so, cast away to a distant memory.

Been a while since I've done a jigsaw. I now have a backlog of them. I guess doing the development work on Umbraco Contentment code has filled that void in recent weeks. I'll aim to do a jigsaw this week.