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Week 16

Sunday morning, I had my first COVID-19 vaccination jab. 🎉 Hurray! Another step towards "normality". I'd started to write up my week's notes up on Sunday evening, but one of the side-effects kicked in, aching all over. Having been pre-warned this may happen, I'd already dosed up on paracetamol, and had an early night.

I'd planned on getting my notes finished yesterday (Monday, yup now on Week 17), but still didn't feel 100%. Also had a dentist appointment early afternoon - my tooth implant work is finally complete! It's funny, the implant at the back, not even noticeable when I smile. Functionally, at least I can chew on both sides again! Hurray! 🎉

OK, last week. Easter holiday is over, the kids went back to school! 🎉

Decided to work back in my office. It's quite horrible in there. Cold and dark. Trying to recall how I accepted it for all those years. Definitely need to do something about it, fresh paint, more light, new desk.

For years my laptop's docking station (Surface Dock) had been acting quirky, randomly disconnecting the monitor or USB devices, always at the wrong time and frustrating. I'd spent a fair amount of time searching up the issues, installing various drivers and firmware updates. Can't be doing with it now. Within half-an-hour of moving back in my office, the Surface Dock was ripped out and thrown out the window, piece of trash! I've now got wires all over the place, but no random disconnect quirks! 🎉

After a week or so of KK's nagging, we've started watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, 3 episodes in so far (no spoilers please!).

In Umbraco-land, I've been fairly busy with Contentment again. I'd been asked if it integrates with Umbraco Forms - which it doesn't, but it gave me that "developer's itch" to see if it could. Ending up with some nice bridging code, to pull out a configured data-source to be used with form field options. Still a prototype, the code is available on a GitHub gist.

I managed to get a Contentment v1.4.1 patch release out too!

Now that Umbraco v8.13.0 is out, I've started work on Contentment v2.0, bumping up the Umbraco dependency and making all those breaking-changes that I'd been holding off on. Nothing too major, all incremental improvements that I couldn't do in a minor or patch release.

Friday, I attended the Umbraco Application Integration training course. The hosts have got the courses down to a tee - nice, friendly and professional. Some of the course material was a bit dubious - in as far as their recommended approach is not what I'd do professional, but like most aspects of Umbraco - there are many ways to skin a cat, (so to speak).

Alphabet Albums has come around quickly (again), for "I" we have picked... I Monster - Neveroddoreven, In Tua Nua - The Long Acre, and INXS - Kick.

Saturday family movie night was KK's choice... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1. Oh yes, we're getting closer to the end of these (current) movie franchises! 😆 The random in-depth trivia my kids have about Harry Potter books is mad, like... when Hermione is caught in the woods by the snatchers, she says her name is Penelope Clearwater - which is actually the name of Percy Weasley's girlfriend! 🤷‍♂️

Sunday. Already mentioned my COVID-19 jab. I was impressed with how efficient the process was, not much waiting around - in, out, all done within 15 minutes. 🎉