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Week 15

I had a haircut! Yes, I've had a haircut! Finally. In my mind this was the peak moment of the current lockdown, where I can now mentally and socially prepare myself for "getting back to normal" (whatever that means anymore). High hopes and sunny days ahead. Yup, I've had a haircut!

I'd spent a lot of time the past week working on my Umbraco plugin, Contentment. Did another release, v1.4.0, (for any fans that have been following, they'll be tired of me overusing the shushing face 🤫 emoji this week, I'll stop soon). I spend a lot of time deliberating many details of the plugin. Mostly related to the editor experience, or rather the developer's configuration experience. Finding ways to reduce cognitive overload, sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. Always learning, always progressive.

My sister gave us a family jigsaw - something to do over Easter weekend, but we hadn't got around to it. It's a 200 piece kids jigsaw, I say kids as the box says aged 8+ and the pieces are oversized extra large. I had a couple of hours free on Saturday afternoon, tried to get the kids to do it with me, but they weren't too interested, just as well, I'd finished it within 40 minutes. 😆

Tub Time. 200 XXL piece jigsaw.
Tub Time. 200 XXL piece jigsaw. Took 40 minutes.

Saturday family movie night didn't happen this week. Lucy and the kids went to watch a Live stage show of Billionaire Boy (based on David Walliams book), it was at Bristol Airport car park, one of those where you set your car radio to the right frequency and listen/watch the performance. I wasn't too interested, so stayed at home - well sat out in the field, with several cups of tea, chatting with neighbours.

I watched Love and Monsters on Netflix. It was one of those that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I wasn't aware of any adverts or trailers, never heard of it - and there I was thinking I was reasonably in-touch with new streaming releases. The movie was okay, bit like a coming-of age teen-friendly version of Zombieland, but swap the zombies for mutant insects and Woody Harrelson for Michael Rooker. Still enjoyable.

I noticing more with these streaming titles, they're very fleeting. While they'll have a popular-ish cast, they'll be heavily marketed for a week or so, and suddenly disappear, with no one mentioning them ever again. Remember that George Clooney one back at Christmas? You know, the one he also directed? Oh yeah, what was that called again? Dunno, whatever.
I feel the quantity, volume and traffic of the endless flow of streaming titles is too much. I'd prefer less quantity, more quality.

With the weather being much nicer now it's springtime, I'm feeling much more optimistic than I have recently. Re-reading some previous weeknotes, ouch, not liking "negative Lee" 😉 Here's to sunnier days!

Oh, did I mention that I've had a haircut?