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Week 13

Feeling lost. We're at a confusing stage in this current UK lockdown, the roadmap of easing us out of it is happening, with the initial "rule of 6" (outdoors) date started last week. A few of my mates wanted to socialise immediately, I felt overwhelmed by it. I wasn't ready yet. I need a bloomin' haircut, for starters! Ended up declining all invites last week. I have a haircut booked for the 15th, I'm hoping that's when I'll feel renewed.

I haven't made as much progress on Contentment as I'd hoped. I have a new release ready to go, well, that is, once the documentation is done.

Monday, we had school parent's evening for LL. All good, she's fitted back into being back at school nicely. Although, no sooner as they're back at school, they're now on Easter break for the next fortnight! Preparing myself for the usual "working from home with kids" chaos!

I did my knee in again! (I didn't mention it last week as I didn't think much of it). No idea what I've done to it, must have knelt on it funny and now it aches when I bend it. Bloomin' knees, I'm getting old, bah humbug! I'll rest it up this week, see how it goes.

Saturday family movie night was Lucy's choice... Yes Day. It was alright, predictable, but fun! Now the kids want to have a "yes day", great. 🤦‍♂️

KK has started watching WandaVision. I'm limiting how many episode she can watch back-to-back, I keep reminding her that I had to wait a week between episodes. I don't know, this binge-watch generation, eh? 😆

Easter weekend was relaxed, good sunny weather, spent most of it outside in the garden. Had a nice campfire on Sunday evening.

Campfire in the field.
A campfire in the field.