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Week 11

The past week went by quite quickly, I can't really think what happened. With both kids now back to school, I've spent most of my time focusing on work tasks. I'm still working from the dining table, I haven't quite felt the need to get back to my office just yet. I suspect as the spring seasons kicks in I'll get back in there.

KK has been pushing for more MCU movies... this week we've watched Doctor Strange, Thor 3 (Ragnarok), (one of my favourites from the series), and then Avengers: Infinity War (last night). KK's reaction at the end of Infinity War, wow! She's pleading me to watch Endgame immediately, ha!

Renewing our mortgage, always a pain in the backside. We're at the end of our fixed interest rate term, our mortgage advisor wants to find us the best deals, but given my business situation it's that hassle of gathering accurate financials. I fall into that grey area of business ownership, I'm a company director, so not an employed, nor self-employed, I get paid with dividends, so no salary, no payslips. It's all sortable, just that little more hassle than presenting recent payslips. 🤷‍♂️

Umbraco-wise, I had a good catch-up with Marc about Umbraco property-editors. I like that we're always exploring ideas, a lot of which stems back to our "Atomic Design" talk at CG18... and the Periodic Table of Umbraco Property Editors, (I've linked to Kevin's version of it, as that's much better than my one!) It also inspired me to bring back the Buttons list-editor to my Contentment plug-in.

Saturday family movie night was my choice... La La Land. It'd been on my watchlist for a long time, but kept putting off - probably because it felt overhyped when it came out, (and all the Oscars stuff). But I wanted us to have a change from the usual Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter franchise movies and enjoy a modern musical. La La Land did not disappoint, we enjoyed it very much! It had a great balance of modern romance with a callback to classic Hollywood movies, (I was a fan of Rebel Without a Cause in my late-teens, so those references were cherished). LL thought the ending was sad because they didn't get back together, but I explained that it was a happy ending as they did make their own dreams come true.

Continue watching I May Destroy You, turning out to be an impressive show, it tackles much more than I was expecting. I think in time this will be one of those pivotal shows for the Millennial generation.

I did a couple more attempts at jigsaw time-lapse videos, but haven't uploaded them as they feel very samey as last weeks one.