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Week 08

Counting down the days until the schools fully reopen, (8th March). Although, while I'm looking forward to regaining some "normality", I'm sure I'll miss them being around all day.

Previous week, I made a tweet about the latest Umbraco install stats, (it's going in the right direction), this triggered a follow up conversation with Lars from Umbraco about historical stats and HQ's efforts moving forwards. All part of the evolution of a maturing CMS.

Started watching The Serpent on BBC iPlayer. Reminict of our own backpacking experiences, making friends with everyone, it is scary how you could easily fall into being decieved, (or worse). I remembered about the time we were in Bali and a driver was acting very suspuctious, anything could have happened. We wrote about our Bali experiences on our old travelblog.

Since completing LEGO Harry Potter, (in Week 05), I'd been playing LEGO Indiana Jones with LL. Tuesday evening we were so close to completing it 100%, so we agreed to get up early Wednesday morning and finish it off.

LEGO Indiana Jones on Wii, 100% complete.
LEGO Indiana Jones on Wii, 100% complete. (Hi, Han Solo!) Did you know there is an upper limit of 4 billion studs?

Finally cancelled my mobile phone contract with EE. I'd been with them since 2006, (well started with T-Mobile), never really had any problems with them, but recent years price increases and additional charges just got a bit too much, so have moved over to GiffGaff, (similar package for a third of the price!) Kept my same number, all seamless.

Caught up with Matt & Lucy about CODECABIN. Figuring out the possible logistics of doing it this year, with COVID-19 there are so many factors to consider. First and foremost is the safety of our CODECABIN guests.

Friday was also the day for the next letter in Alphabet Albums. Selections for "E" are: Eels - Beautiful Freak , Ezio - Black Boots On Latin Feet, and The Eagles - Hotel California. Alphabet Albums seems to be inspiring others, Ravi has been making suggestions too!

Stumbled upon a website called Songlink/Odesli that gathers all the link for various services for a particular song or album. For the Alphabet Albums I've been linking to Spotify as that's what I use, but the Songlink embed offers links to the available alternatives too.

Here's the one for The Eagles - Hotel California.

Received a letter from the ICO, stating that my company hadn't paid a Data Protection fee. Which was the first time I was hearing about such a fee. I don't think it applies to us, but will follow up during the next week.

Saturday family movie night was LL's choice, and she finally picked... Pocahontas, (see Week 03 for relevance). I'm not sure if I was feeling tired, but I struggled to connect with the characters and story, felt a bit meh. Kids seemed to enjoy it though.

No jigsaws or collages this week. I guess I am tired.
(I hadn't even mentioned MCU or WandaVision this week!) 😉