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Week 05

Noticing how I start off these weeknotes with a comment on how the past week has been a struggle, I can see a pattern emerging with me. Mondays, I try to get back into a work mindset - except my current work is somewhat lacking, both in substance and motivation - that is, along with juggling the kids' home-school schedule. Tuesdays, I feel awful. Guilt. Probably why I keep having those "what day is it again?" moments. By Wednesday, I've given myself a kick up the backside and feel that I have a grip on things again, an optimism. Thursdays, Fridays, I feel fine, but then the weekend breaks routine and I find myself back at the start of a vicious cycle. C'est la vie.

Whilst we're on a downer, here comes the "Dad joke of the week"...

When does a joke become a dad joke?
When it becomes apparent.

🤦‍♂️ OK, enough, I'll stop these now!

Thursday, back to the dentist, (oh, should have made the "tooth-hurty" joke instead!), for what I thought would be another impression taken for the implant, oh no, it was the implant itself. I'm not sure how I didn't know in advance, (I blame lockdown; convenient scapegoat), but I was not prepared for it. I knew I'd be numbed up, so no physical pain, but still the thought of drilling and stitches didn't fill me with a warm happy feeling. The implant screw/socket thing all went fine, was done within an hour, no pain, just a bit achy once the novocaine had worn off. Spent most of the day in bed, sleeping it off, (any excuse!)

Friday evening was our local monthly Yatton 'Skype' Open Mic Night! (It's actually on Zoom.) My band didn't do any songs for this one, but I did do a few of the compering links. Good fun to do something different and creative.

MCU time! Not to give any spoilers with the episode 5 of WandaVision, let's say that I'm excited and intrigued about how future stories will open up and tie together. KK hasn't mentioned carrying on with Phase 2 movies yet.

At the weekend, we went out for a family walk - as we'd got out of the habit of our daily walks - so took a longer walk to make up for it, that's how it works, right?

Saturday family movie night was KK's choice... Mulan (the new live action version). It was one of those that I wasn't too interested in seeing, but KK was eager so we gave it a go. As usual, Disney deliver, ended up being an enjoyable adventure/action movie. As I'm getting older, any emotional father/daughter scenes pull on my heart string! Huh? tears? oh, my eye was itchy.

Sunday, after months of (infrequent) searching for the "last Gold Brick", LL and I have 100% completed Lego Harry Potter (Years 1–4) on the Wii! (Yes, I still have a Wii.) If you're familiar with it, (or any of the LEGO-themed movie games), you'll know how frustrating and time consuming it is to find all the last little bits and pieces. LL was super happy that we got 100%, (and could play as Lord Voldemort!)

LEGO Harry Potter on Wii, 100% complete.
LEGO Harry Potter on Wii, 100% complete. Yup, that's 15 billion studs!