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Week 04

I must admit it's been a struggle writing up this weeknote, I kept putting it off. The past week had been tougher, cabin fever kicked in. Remember to breathe, look after yourself. Fitter happier. More productive. Comfortable. Not drinking too much.

For most of the week, I didn't watch any TV shows or movies - maybe because in writing these weeknotes I realise how much TV I was watching? Not sure. On the positive side, we did play more family games in the evenings.

We did a series of Downfall play-offs, (not the crappy modern version, but Lucy's original blue version from the 80s! Nostalgia!) Ultimately, Lucy won, LL came 2nd, with KK and I in joint 3rd.

Oh, the TV did get turned on, on Thursday morning... my cousin Charlotte was featured on ITV's This Morning talking about her celebrity LEGO portraits! 👏👏👏

Uh-oh, it's "Dad joke of the week" time...

What do you call a fake noodle?
An impasta!

🤦‍♂️ Bonus points if you tell this joke while the kids are playing Among Us.

Paid my personal tax bill - tends to pain me, I mean, yes, paying tax is a good thing, think it's more that bitter pill to swallow at the start of the year! On a positive note, Beatles' Taxman always gets stuck in my head - great song!

Friday, I had a call with Filip from Umbraco for a general chat and my thoughts on support for legacy releases - sparked from a tweet I made earlier in the week. Good feedback all round.

Friday was also the day for the next letter in Alphabet Albums. Selections for "C" are: Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas, The Chills - Submarine Bells, and Johnny Cash - The Rambler.

re: MCU, (because I've mentioned it every week now), the latest WandaVision episode was the only one I watched. Enjoying where the story is heading.

I did a jigsaw on Saturday afternoon...

Brighton Bound. 500 piece jigsaw.
Brighton Bound. 500 piece jigsaw. Took about 5 hours, alone. The sky took ages!

Saturday family movie night was Lucy's choice... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Re-watching the films closer together, it's incredible seeing how much the actors age between them. Great movie, one of my favourites out of the series.