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Bulk Photo Resizing with ImageProcessor

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I'm currently on a month long holiday in Sri Lanka, taking a nice overdue break from work, (much respect to Rich for holding the Umbrella fort!).

During my travels, I've been keeping a family blog - journal updates, add a few photos, etc. However the WiFi upload speeds at the various hotels we've been staying at have been painful slow; uploading a single photo (around 3Mb) to our blog or even Facebook is taking an age!

I needed a way to resize the photos (and/or reduce the filesize). My first port of call was Photoshop, which is fine, but it was taking some time do manually resize each photo manually, (and I couldn't remember the way to bulk automate it). Given my limited bandwidth - and pressing travel itinerary, I didn't have the time to search for a decent solution.

Since I posted a call for help on Facebook about this, Image Resizer for Windows has been recommended a few times.

Alas, the next stop on our itinerary was some eco-friendly place with no WiFi access... I just didn't have time or chance to download it.

Whilst on the drive, I kept thinking about alternative solutions to this problem - how could I bulk resize my photos with the tools I've got to hand? Then I realised, I have ImageProcessor on my laptop, (since it ships with Umbraco)!

15 minutes later, I had this...

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Drawing;
using System.IO;
using ImageProcessor;

namespace MyBulkPhotoResizer
    class Program
        const int EXITCODE_ERROR = 2;

        static void Main(string[] args)
            var stopwatch = new Stopwatch();

            using(var factory = new ImageFactory(true))
                var path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory();
                var pattern = "*.JPG";

                var dir = new DirectoryInfo(path);
                var files = dir.GetFiles(pattern);

                if (files.Length == 0)
                    Console.WriteLine("This directory does not contain any photos.");

                var resizedDir = Path.Combine(dir.FullName, "resized");

                if (!Directory.Exists(resizedDir))

                foreach (var file in files)
                    var savedPath = Path.Combine(resizedDir, file.Name);

                    if (File.Exists(savedPath))
                        Console.WriteLine("This photo has already been resized: {0}", file.Name);

                        .Resize(new Size(1024, 768))

                    Console.WriteLine("Resized photo: {0}", file.Name);


            Console.WriteLine("It took {0} minutes, {1} seconds to resize all the photos.", stopwatch.Elapsed.Minutes, stopwatch.Elapsed.Seconds);

Awesome, and developed at the backseat of a minibus, with no internet access!

The beautiful part about using ImageProcessor is that it automatically detects the orientation and resizes accordingly, so the portrait photos are never squashed & mangled.

Bulk Photo Resizer with ImageProcessor

I think the best part of this is that you can achieve simple tasks with a little bit of code; even when you are in the middle of Sri Lanka!