Lee Kelleher

Back to basics

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Is this site broken?

No. I decided to try an experiment with letting my website go CSS naked. It's an attempt for me to make proper use of Web Standards, HTML5, semantic markup and hierarchical structure.

My reasoning

When I decided to reboot my website, I started to spend time browsing themes and designs, while I found many decent ones, there wasn't any that I felt comfortable with. I didn't have much interest in designing my own - using the latest CSS framework, with a dozen dependencies. I was getting bogged down with the style/presentation.

I wanted to bring my focus back to content; I wanted full control of my website!

I decided to leave the CSS out of it, forget about JavaScript and web-fonts, let's focus on using HTML, pure and simple, structural and semantic. The added bonus is that my website would be accessible, responsive, lightweight and fast!

Will this look pretty? No! Default browser styles suck - at least that's what we're told. Although I'm sure that people who visit my website aren't looking for a good design, they should want the content, so now I can present it in the most accessible way.

What will the future hold?

In time I may introduce some styling, tweak the viewport width or apply a reasonable typography, but for now I'd like to focus on the semantics of the markup - to lay a solid foundation to build on.

As for JavaScript, previously I would automatically add in Google Analytics, but truth be told, I hardly study my traffic or data these days. It doesn't motivate me.

I'm likely to reintroduce the Disqus commenting system very soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for me, either tweet me or raise an issue on my GitHub repo for this website.