Lee Kelleher

“Powered by Category Cloud”

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I’ve just installed Operator – a Firefox extension that highlights microformatted data on web pages.

So far I haven’t noticed any performance issues, and it’s been playing nicely with all my other Firefox extensions.

As a web developer, Operator makes me want to add more semantic mark-up to my websites, (which I already try to do). This extension will make it easier for testing purposes.

I decided to read more about the extension on the developer’s blog – to which I was pleasantly surprised to find that it uses my Category Cloud widget (plug-in for WordPress). Along with a kudos-link back to my personal website. (Thanks Mike!) :-D

A while ago I was curious to how many people were using my Category Cloud widget plug-in, so I added an opt-out “powered by” link. This way I could check my referrals or Google results count for “Powered by Category Cloud”.

I’ve been amazed by the outcome of this. I honestly thought that everyone would opt-out of the link, yet they didn’t! So now my PageRank has increased; I’m in the Technorati Top 10K (which I definitely don’t deserve!); and I get a steady flow of traffic (low, but consistent).

I’ve tried to support the Category Cloud widget as best I can… so maybe it’s good karma?