Lee Kelleher

Sneaky Skype installing Firefox Extension

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We’ve got an old laptop that we keep under the coffee table, so that we can quickly check IMDb or Wikipedia for mid-conversations things (very geeky I know!)

Since Katelyn arrived, we’ve been using it for web-cam too.

Yesterday we were having a few problems with voice chat on MSN, so we installed Skype on the laptop.

A couple of clicks later, Skype was installed, all was good. Then about 5 mins later I notice a little Skype toolbar at the top of Firefox! Very very sneaky!!!

There were no options during the install to let me opt-in/out of adding the Firefox Extension! Bad Skype!

I’m not impressed by companies who try to sneakily install additional software just because you use related software… *cough* Apple Safari *cough* (The number of people I’ve spoke to about it didn’t know how it got on their computers!)

I do know that Apple at least give you an opt-out of Safari (as they pre-select the checkbox for you) – but Skype didn’t even offer that choice!

Regardless of how useful the Skype Firefox Extension is… I’ve uninstalled it – just because I can!