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Vista SP1 Hibernation problems

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After a couple of unsuccessfully attempted to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1; it seems that I “forgot” to disable my anti-virus software! Then it installed fine.

Vista does seem to perform better/quicker since SP1, but, for me, it introduced a major show-stopper!

Hibernation stopped working!

I google’d the problem to see if anyone else had the same issue — and knew how to resolve it. It took me a while, probably because Vista SP1 is still “new” (officially), then I found the answer! [direct link]

Seems that there was an issue with the BCD – this doesn’t surprise me, as I do dual-boot with Ubuntu.

Here is the solution from the TechNet Vista SP1 forum:

  1. Run CMD.EXE as administrator

  2. Run the following command: bcdedit -enum all

Look for “Resume from Hibernate” in the output from the command above(example below):

Resume from Hibernate


identifier {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963}

device partition=C:

path Windowssystem32winresume.exe

description Windows Vista (TM) Enterprise (recovered)

inherit {resumeloadersettings}

filedevice partition=C:

filepath hiberfil.sys

pae Yes

debugoptionenabled No

  1. Once you have found it, copy the value for identifier (in this example – {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963})

  2. Run the following command: bcdedit /deletevalue {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963} inherit

  3. Test hibernation.

This worked for me! Good luck with your Vista SP1 installation!