Lee Kelleher

Personal Zeitgeist

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I’ve finally started work on my zeitgeist page. My personal projects have been on the back-burner, as I’ve (obviously) had other things to think about!

Personal Zeitgeist is very easy to get up and running, although I have been making a lot of tweaks – mostly to satisfy my own coding preferences; for example: renaming the *.inc files to *.inc.php – so that nobody else can view the source-code. (That’s been one of my long-term gripes with, the otherwise brilliant, SimplePie).

I’ll most likely do a lot more customisation to the zeitgeist template/theme before I set it as my default web-page.

Here are a few of the things I want it to do:

  • Act as my OpenID delegate (I haven’t yet decided who to use as my default OpenID provider – most likely be WordPress.com)
  • Display a set of links to all my external web-profiles (i.e. flickr, last.fm, etc.) – along with corresponding favicons, XFN and OPML. (Actually it’s probably easier to store them as OPML in the first place.)
  • I’m also considering adding some tag cloud functionality – just to quench my thirst for tagging.
  • Develop a few functions; specifically an email obfuscator (most likely lift the code from wp-includes)

Who knows when I’ll be able to do all this… especially when my other commitments are quite demanding! ;-)