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IE View Lite 1.3.2+ not compatible with Firefox 2.0

I used all sorts of add-ons and extensions for Firefox, (I’ll get around to writing a blog post on that soon too). Since I do a lot of web-development, I switch between Firefox and Internet Explorer frequently during a build.

To make this easier, I’ve been using Grayson Mixon’s IE View Lite. But with the latest upgrade (version 1.3.2), it broke in Firefox 2.0! (This made me sad) :-(

I’d been holding out for the next upgrade – to see if that would fix the problem… but nothing came.

So I emailed Grayson to see if there was a potential fix in a future release; which he promptly replied:

IE View Lite 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 are Firefox 3 only. If you want to continue using Firefox 2, you should use IE View Lite 1.3.1, the only difference being compatibility updates for Firefox 3 that broke backward compatibility.

I’ve now uninstalled version 1.3.2 – reverting back to 1.3.1 – and everything is good again! (Thanks Grayson).

It does concern me that support was dropped for Firefox 2.0 in favour of version 3 (which is still only in beta) – cutting out a large proportion of the user-base. But I guess once Firefox 3 has shipped, no one will be bothered anyway.

  • Scott

    Thanks for the heads up, was wondering why the latest version wasn’t installing on my Firefox v2!

  • http://leekelleher.com/ Lee Kelleher

    Hey Scott… I was scratching my head for a couple of week wondering what had broke it.

    I’m amazed how fast Google is picking up on blog posts from WordPress.com!
    (I carefully pick my blog post title to reflect what keywords I search on in Google – and didn’t find any decent results – now this post appears! nice)

    – Lee

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    thats for sure, man